Yoko Ono



1. i missed you, listening
2. running the risk
3. i never told you, did I?
4. mirror mirror
5. let's get there
6. early in the morning


© Chimera Music 2012

CMJ reviewed the album: "YOKOKIMTHURSTON definitely falls on the more experimental side of the spectrum, consisting of long (every song stretches over seven minutes) compositions that are heavy on moaning, screaming, Fluxus-style wordplay and screeching guitars; it's light on melody, hooks and discernible lyrics. Those looking for the punk energy of "Teen Age Riot" or the icy dance pop of "Walking On Thin Ice" should look elsewhere. But for those willing to dig into this eclectic, abrasive collection of songs—all recorded in a single day—there's a lot to uncover here."




© Sari Gurney
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