Yoko Ono

talking to the universe: yoko ono



uncover II - to my soul mates in cambridge
yoko ono about the MoMa show



our mothers are beautiful

message to japanese people affected by the sendai earthquake & tsunami
imagine peace 2011: yoko ono about turning 78



let’s tweet a million wishes for PEACE for john lennon’s birthday
a quiet revolution by yoko ono - speech for oxford university



serpentine gallery manifesto, october 18th 2008
on john lennon's birthday: imagine peace
yoko ono 75: her message to the aiu website's visitors



forgive us: december 8th
yoko ono in iceland



oxford union speech june 15th 2005
"let's celebrate age power as much as youth power. we need both."



yoko's message to the aiu website visitors
world peace day 2004 / a message from yoko
onochord 2004 (a documentary)



new year's message 2003
give peace a chance
peace event for john lennon
birthday thoughts
aiu's exclusive interview with yoko

arrow Yoko Ono's written works on her official Flickr website


Photo by Ole Christiansen


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