Yoko Ono

so this is xmas...


My Friends

"So this is Xmas what have you done?"

As another tumultuous year is about to pass,
I propose that we come together in our thoughts
and end the year with a clear vision.
Let's visualize all the people living life in peace.
10 seconds. One hour. All day.
Anywhere and anytime of the day.

Let's carry the clearest vision of a peaceful world.
And do it with a spirit of fun and joy.
Not with anger, not with fear.
For negative thinking is a luxury we can't afford.
Let's sing, dance and hug each other
To bring in the New Year, and with it, the new world.
Let's report to the Universe how glad we are
That our planet is part of a beautiful constellation.

For the opposite of love is fear, not hate.
The opposite of wisdom is confusion, not stupidity.
The shortest distance between two points
Is our desire and our unwavering belief.
So listen to your heartbeat and remember
"War Is Over If you want it."

With love, yoko ono dec. '03



xmas 2003
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