Yoko Ono

walking on thin ice

1. walking on thin ice
2. even when you're far away
3. kiss, kiss, kiss
4. nobody sees me like you do
5. yangyang
6. no, no, no
7. death of samantha
8. mindweaver
9. you're the one
10. spec of dust
11. midsummer new york
12. don't be scared
13. sleepless night
14. kite song
15. she gets down on her knees
16. give me something
17. hell in paradise
18. woman power
19. o'oh


© Rykodisc 1992

All words and music on this compilation record by Yoko Ono.

Produced and compiled by Yoko Ono.
Remixes by Yoko Ono and Rob Stevens.

The liner notes include the essay Feeling The Space by Yoko Ono from 1973, instruction pieces by her, and "On Yoko Ono" in which different people give their opinion on Yoko Ono, for instance David Bowie, Ornette Coleman and Cyndi Lauper.

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