Yoko Ono

welcome: the many sides of yoko ono

1. growing pain
2. approximately infinite universe
3. i want my love to rest tonight
4. now or never
5. shiranakatta
6. run, run, run
7. age 39
8. men, men, men
9. josejoi banzai (part 1)
10. don't worry kyoko
11. woman power
12. move on fast
13. coffin car
14. yangyang
15. what a mess
16. straight talk


© Apple 1974

This was a promotional release only, for Japan. Apple released this album as a collection of Yoko Ono's "greatest hits" so far at the time. The songs were mostly compiled from Yoko Ono's earlier albums, but some of them, like Josejoi Banzai (part 1), were taken from the Japanese singles by Yoko Ono.

According to the record sleeve, songs 1-8 represent the "Gentle and emotional Yoko", and songs 9-16 represent the "Rockin' and driving Yoko".



© Sari Gurney
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