Yoko Ono


air side

1. hell in paradise
2. i love all of me
3. children power
4. rainbow revelation
5. the king of the zoo
6. remember raven

be side

7. cape clear
8. sky people
9. you and i
10. it's gonna rain (living on tiptoe)
11. starpeace
12. i love you, earth



"An Earth Play For Sun and Air"

© Polygram Records 1985

All words and music by Yoko Ono.

Produced by Bill Laswell and Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono: solo vocals, Bernie Worrell: keyboards, Jeff Bova: keyboards, Eddie Martinez: guitar, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar, Shankar: violin, Robbie Shakespeare: bass, Sly Dunbar: Simmons drums, synth drums and percussion, Tony Williams: drums, Simmons drums, Gretsch drums, Aïyb Dieng: percussion, Daniel Ponce: percussion, Anton Fier: Paiste percussion, Tony Levin: whistle, Sean Ono Lennon: vocal (Starpeace)


Hell in Paradise (7" with instrumental version, 12" with remixes)
Cape Clear (Promo 12" with re-edit of Walking On Thin Ice)

Re-issued in 1997 by Rykodisc with the following bonus track

Imagine (previously unreleased version) performed by Yoko Ono and recorded live during Starpeace tour in Budapest, Hungary, 1986.

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