Yoko Ono

ono singles


give peace a chance (lennon/mccartney) / remember love (ono)

cold turkey (lennon) / don't worry kyoko... (ono)



instant karma (lennon) / who has seen the wind? (ono)

mother (lennon) / why (ono)

greenfield morning... (ono) / open your box (ono)



god save us / do the oz (elastic oz band / lennon & ono)

power to the people (lennon) / open your box (ono)

power to the people (lennon) / touch me (ono)

mrs. lennon (ono) / midsummer new york (ono)

happy xmas (war is over) (ono/lennon) / listen the snow is falling (ono)



woman is the nigger of the world (lennon) / sisters o sisters (ono)

now or never (ono) / move on fast (ono)

mind train (ono) / listen the snow is falling (ono)



death of samantha (ono) / yangyang (ono)

josejoi banzai part 1 (ono) / josejoi banzai part 2 (ono)

woman power (ono) / men, men, men (ono)

run, run, run (ono) / men, men, men (ono)



yume o moto (let's have a dream) (ono) / it happened (ono)



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Between my head and the sky

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