Yoko Ono

season of glass

"Season Of Glass is not like any other record by Ono"

CMJ review of the album: "The first indication that this album is not going to be one in which Yoko Ono avoids confronting reality comes when one looks at the album cover. On the front, two kinds of glass: a glass filled with water, and a pair of glasses - the glasses worn by John Lennon the night he was killed. The photograph is stark, frightening. It will anger many people and make them turn away from this record. It will also draw the daring - those willing to be taken inside, to hear what Yoko Ono has to say just slightly more than six months after her husband was gunned down before her eyes. Those who wish to erase the incident from their minds, and who might consider Ono's frankness offensive - who wish she wouldn't rub it in - are best advised to stay away. But those who don't ever want to forget, who are willing to open up and face this woman's statement, and maybe find something with which to identify will find many emotions on the album."

spring passes
and one remembers one's innocence

summer passes
and one remembers one's exuberance

autumn passes
and one remembers one's reverence

winter passes
and one remembers one's perseverance

there is a season that never passes
and that is the season of glass

Yoko Ono in 1981



Yoko Ono

© Sari Gurney
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