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YES Yoko Ono, the first American retrospective of the work of pioneering avant-garde artist Yoko Ono toured the US, Canada and Asia: I have collected some of the related reviews and articles below.

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yoko ono: painter, sculptor, musician, muse
New York Times



an aiu exclusive
YES Yoko Ono at MIT by Nell Beram

equal weight
a review by ArtsEditor

egg interviewed yoko ono
about YES Yoko Ono

oh yoko!
a review by Andrew Brooks / Harvard Gazette



sometimes an apple is just an apple
San Francisco Chronicle

live-action ono entertains crowd
San Francisco Chronicle

say yes to yoko ono's collection at the ago
The UWO Gazette



an aiu exclusive
YES Yoko Ono Miami as experienced by John A Starnes

review by dore bowen



YES Yoko Ono

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