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yoko ono grapefruit
My photographs from this exhibition by Yoko Ono during June 6th -September 16th 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.

sky ladder
Photo of Yoko Ono in Sweden in May 2011 by Orjan Gerhardsson.

anton's memory
Photos by Jorge Artajo and Walter Rovere / Cassero magazine, Summer 2009.

it's not only rock n roll in belgium
Photos by Christ Devos, June 2008.

yoko ono at the bluecoat
Photos by Minako Jackson, April 2008.

yoko ono at the puffin room
Photos by Mikihiko Hori from the group show "Into the Atomic Sunshine - Post-War Art under Japanese Peace Constitution Article 9", January 2008.

wake yoko ono
Photos by Christ Devos, June 2006.

promise piece - bones
A tribute performance by Yoko Ono to Nam June Paik in April 2006.

the garden party 2006 at deitch projects
Yoko Ono during the opening party of this group show at Deitch Projects, and her installation piece Wish Tree for the Garden Party. Photos contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

looking at words: the formal presence of text in modern
and contemporary works on paper

Yoko Ono's pieces in this group exhibition at Andrea Rosen Gallery (October 28th 2005 - January 14th 2006).

cut piece performed by xaviera simmons
New York on June 24th 2005

a homage exhibition imagine peace with john&yoko
Helsinki, Finland, Spring 2005

yoko ono editions, ephemera and printed works
Printed Matter, New York, Summer 2004

remember love
Stockholm, Sweden, Summer 2004

odyssey of a cockroach at deitch projects
luke kurtis, October 2003

imagine peace by yoko ono
The Venice Biennale 2003

yes yoko ono in miami impressions
John A Starnes (October 25th 2002 - January 26th 2003)

my mommy was beautiful
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (2002)

from my window
Vienna, Austria (October 20th 2002 - November 20th 2002)

yoko ono's lecture at memorial hall, pratt institute
New York, March 25th 2002

freight train
Yokohama, 2002

mend piece for the world
Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland (2002)

imagine billboard
London, 2002

the four seasons & film stills
UBU Gallery, New York (2000)

yes yoko ono in japan society, new york (2000)
YES skywriting, Yoko Ono signing autographs, glimpses of the exhibition

yoko ono in amaze
YES Yoko Ono in Minneapolis (2001)

Israel (2000)

freight train
Berlin, 2000

anti-gun billboard
NYC, 2000

yes yoko ono at mit (2001)
the exhibition, the special related events and Yoko Ono

Barcelona, Spain (2001)



yoko ono & thurston moore in helsinki, august 2013
Photos by Sari Gurney.

yoko ono live at pitchfork music festival, july 14th 2007
Photos by Mikihiko Hori.

yoko ono live at oya festival, norway, august 2006
Photo by Espen Stranger Seland.

yoko ono at théâtre du châtelet, paris, february 18th 2006
Photos by Philippe Auliac.

yoko ono at théâtre du châtelet, paris, february 18th 2006
The concert poster, photos of Yoko before and after the show and a ballad of the show by four musketeers: Jorge, Christ, Jens, & Ruud

john lennon dream power super live 2005
Photos by Mikihiko Hori. Yoko Ono performed I Want You To Remember Me during this concert.

everyman... everywoman...
Images from the music video by Yoko Ono, 2005.

yoko ono at canal room
November 29th 2005

arthurfest (september 2005)
Mikihiko Hori's photos & Ice Cream Man's photos

patti smith meltdown festival
London, June 17th 2005

a blueprint for the sunrise concert (2000)
the gig, after the gig, with Laurie and Cyndi and the programme

yoko ono at battery park, nyc (2000)

yoko ono & ima at milky way
Photos by Christ Devos. Amsterdam, Holland, 1996

starpeace tour in 1986
Photos by Christ Devos. Hamburg Musikhalle, Germany

yoko at kenny's castaways in 1973 / more images
Mikihiko Hori contributed images from the original brochure for this gig by Yoko, called "Yoko Ono appearing at Kenny's Castaways on 84th off 3rd Avenue October 23rd to 28th with Plastic Ono Super Band"

yoko ono and john lennon performing
John Sinclair Freedom Rally in 1971


imagine peace tower unveiling day
Photos from the special day in Reykjavik, Iceland, October 9th 2007. By the AIU editor Sari Gurney.

yoko ono in new york in 1974
Portraits of Yoko Ono published in a Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Bunshun on August 15th 1974. The article features Yoko at the Dakota and NYC around 1974, before she came back to Japan for her 1974 Japan tour.

john and yoko visiting japan in 1971
Images of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from a Japanese magazine called Asahi Graphic in February 1971. According to the magazine John & Yoko paid a secret visit to Japan in January 1971. Kindly contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

a war is over (if you want it) billboard campaign
The billboard campaign is a part of Lionsgate's marketing plan for the film The US vs. John Lennon in 2006. Kindly contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

yoko ono cut piece in TAB magazine 1968
Kindly contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

yoko ono's film "bottoms" in modern man magazine 1968
Kindly contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

yoko ono in asahi grafu (asahi graphic) magazine
A Japanese magazine issued on August 16th 1974. Kindly contributed by Mikihiko Hori.

john lennon - unfinished music
Photos by Christ Devos, 2005.

john lennon memorial dec 8, 05
Photos by Mikihiko Hori.

yoko ono and friends

yoko ono photographed
Stefan de Batselier, 1995

photographed by paul harris

yoko ono photographed
Philippe Auliac, 1990

yoko in moscow in 1987 for an arms control conference
From the private collection of Thomas J. Meenach III

yoko ono
Brussels, 1986

john lennon and yoko ono with rennie davis
Federal Courtroom, 1972

john&yoko in 1969 during the montreal bed-in
photographed by Roy A. Kerwood and Gerry Deiter

bed-in photos of john&yoko
From the private collection of Thomas J. Meenach III



photos from the press



horizontal memories
Zürich, Switzerland (June 2005)

dream universe
Frankfurt, Germany (May 2005)

odyssey of a cockroach
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London (2004)

cut piece
Paris (2003)

yes yoko ono
Toronto (2002)

absolut john&yoko

yoko ono's peace ad
The New York Times (Sept 2001)

freight train
Yoko Ono in Berlin (2000)

open window
Exhibition in Israel (1999)



yoko ono's performance in sao paulo, brazil
November 2007

elton john's 60th birthday party
March 2007

lennonono grant for peace 2006
Winners Doctors Without Borders and Center for Constitutional Rights.

oyafestival, norway
August 12th 2006

cirque du soleil beatles gala premiere
Photos of Yoko Ono with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Julian Lennon, and Olivia Harrison from the gala premiere in Las Vegas, June 30th 2006

winter olympics opening with yoko ono
February 2006 Turin Italy

lennon musical opening
August 2005 New York

lennonono grant for peace 2004
Winners Mordechai Vanunu and Seymour Hersh.

the beck's futures 2004 awards
Yoko Ono with Bob Geldof

grammy awards
Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono (February 2004)

yoko ono during her stay in paris
Autumn 2003

yoko ono by a prague wall
Dedicated to John Lennon (Dec. 2003)

the tonight show with jay leno
Yoko Ono on May 13th 2003

lennonono grant for peace 2002
Winners Palestinian artist Khalil Rabah and Israeli artist Zvi Goldstein.

yoko, sean lennon and bijou phillips in soho
Summer 2002

yoko photographed for the mixer magazine

yoko in liverpool to unveil a john lennon statue
March 2002

the john lennon museum opening ceremony

with daughter kyoko and granddaughter emi

mother's day 2001
Yoko, Sean & Kyoko

honorary doctorate from liverpool university





Yoko Ono 2006
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