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Give Peace A Chance

To honour John Lennon's legacy of peace, Mr. Deiter has published a simply beautiful book – Give Peace A Chance: John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Bed-In For Peace - a selection of 25 photographs in his collection - most never published before - taken during the historic eight days of the Bed-In that was the birth place for the song has become a global anthem for peace, sung in every land and in every language on earth.

Mr. Deiter died on December 9, 2005 of an apparent heart attack in Victoria, British Columbia one day after a triumphant afternoon where 150 people packed the gallery to honour John and Yoko and sing Give Peace A Chance and Imagine at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada where his collection is currently on show until January 30, 2006.

All the photos on this web page are in the book, along with colourful descriptions of each image. There are 32 pages, 25 colour and black and white images, some which have never been published before, using high quality printing and design. The book measures 7 and one half inches square to make it easy to share with others. Limited edition. $18.00 CDN including shipping and handling.

To place an order please contact: gallery@elliottlouis.com


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