Yoko Ono


unfinished music no. 1: two virgins
unfinished music no. 2: life with the lions 1969
wedding album 1969
live peace in toronto 1969
yoko ono plastic ono band 1970
fly 1971
sometime in new york city 1972
approximately infinite universe 1973
feeling the space 1973
welcome: the many sides of yoko ono 1973
a story 1974/97
double fantasy 1980
season of glass 1981
it's alright (i see rainbows) 1982
milk and honey 1984
every man has a woman 1984
starpeace 1985
onobox 1992
walking on thin ice 1992
new york rock 1995
rising 1995
rising mixes 1996
blueprint for a sunrise 2001
yes, i'm a witch 2007
open your box 2007
chimera music release no.0 / yoko ono plastic band et al 2009
don't stop me! 2009
between my head and the sky 2009
onomix 2012
yokokimthurston 2012
take me to the land of hell 2013

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Yoko Ono live at Arthurfest 2005. © Ice Cream Man

© Sari Gurney
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