Yoko Ono


1. wouldnit (DTM main mix)
2. talking to the u
niverse (ralphi rosario vocal mix)
3. no, no, no (friscia & lamboy dub)
4. give peace a chance (alex santer peaceful mix)
5. you're the one (bimbo jones dub mix)
6. she gets down on her knees (jochen simms dub mix)
7. move on fast (timmy loop infinity dub)
8. no, no, no (tom novy vocal mix)
9. move on fast (emjae dubstramental)
10. walking on thin ice (danny tenaglia dub
11. i'm not getting enough (dave aude club mix)
12. give me something (alex trax dub mix)
13. i'm moving on (ralphi rosario club mix)
14. wouldnit (emjae club mix)
15. give p
eace a chance (dj meme club mix)
16. everyman everywoman (basement jaxx night dub)
17. no, no, no (peter bailey dub mix)
18. everyman everywoman (dj vibe mix)
19. give peace a chance (tszpun remix)
20. give me something (roberto rodriguez extended vocal mix)
21. no, no, no (eric kupper dub)
22. you're the one (morel's pink noise dub)
23. move on fast (emjae underwater dub)
24. walking on thin ice (FKEK dub)
25. she gets do
wn on her knees (craven moore beats mix)
26. i'm not getting enough (zoned out mixx)
27. give peace a chance (kimbar vocal mix)
28. wouldnit (rob rives back 2 the factory mix)
29. she gets down on her knees (rich morel dub mix)
30. give peace a chance (karsh kale voices of the tribal massive mix)


© Mind Train/TWISTED 2012

From press release: "ONOMIX assembles 30 stand-out mixes (including the brand-new club single I'm Moving On) from YOKO's staggering body of remixed works that, to date, has yielded nine #1 Billboard Club Play chart hits (Talking To The Universe, Move On Fast, Wouldnit' (I'm A Star), Give Me Something, I'm Not Getting Enough, Give Peace A Chance, No No No, Everyman / Everywoman and the timeless Walking On Thin Ice) and two critically-acclaimed remix anthologies: Yes, I'm A Witch and its companion, Open Your Box."

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© Sari Gurney
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