Yoko Ono



London Jam

1. no bed for beatle john
2. mind holes
3. o'wind (body is the scar of your mind)
4. why
5. why not
6. greenfield morning i pushed an empty baby carriage all over the city
7. touch me
8. paper shoes
9. mind train
10. open your box
11. toilet piece / unknown
12. don't worry kyoko
13. telephone piece
14. midsummer new york
15. the path
16. don't count the waves
17. head play (medley of you - airmale - fly)
18. is winter here to stay?

New York Rock

1. Yangyang
2. death of samantha
3. what did i do!
4. approximately infinite universe
5. what a bastard the world is
6. catman (rosies are coming)
7. i want my love to rest tonight
8. shiranakatta (i didn't know)
9. peter the dealer
10. i felt like smashing my face in a clear glass window
11. winter song
12. kite song
13. now or never
14. what a mess
15. i have a woman inside my soul
16. move on fast
17. looking over from my hotel window
18. waiting for the sunrise

Run, Run, Run

1. growing pain
2. yellow girl (stand by for life)
3. coffin car
4. warrior woman
5. woman of salem
6. run, run, run
7. if only
8. a thousand times yes
9. straight talk
10. angry young woman
11. potbelly rocker
12. she hits back
13. men, men, men
14. woman power
15. it's been very hard
16. mildred, mildred
17. left turn's the right turn

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

1. walking on thin ice
2. kiss, kiss, kiss
3. give me something
4. i'm moving on
5. yes, i'm your angel
6. beautiful boys
7. open your soul to me
8. everyman has a woman who loves him
9. hard times are over
10. don't be scared
11. sleepless night
12. o'sanity
13. your hands
14. let me count the ways
15. forgive me, my love
16. you're the one
17. there's no goodbye
18. have you seen a horizon lately

No, No, No

1. i don't know why
2. mindweaver
3. even when you're far away
4. nobody sees me like you do
5. silver horse
6. no, no, no
7. toyboat
8. she gets down on her knees
9. extension 33
10. never say goodbye
11. spec of dust
12. my man
13. it's alright
14. let the tears dry
15. dream love
16. hell in paradise
17. i love you, earth
18. in cape clear
19. goodbye sadness

A Story

1. a story
2. loneliness
3. will you touch me
4. dogtown
5. it happened
6. tomorrow may never come
7. winter friend
8. heartburn stew
9. yes, i'm a witch
10. yume o moto
11. o'oh
12. namyohorengekyo
13. we're all water
14. josejoi banzai
15. sisters o sisters


"Sean, I dedicate this CD box to you. This was all I could put down. The rest was blown away by the winds of life. See you next record." Yoko NYC '92

© Rykodics 1992

Compiled and produced by Yoko Ono.
Remixes by Yoko Ono and Rob Stevens.

A six CD compilation of Yoko Ono's original music, some of the recordings previously unreleased. Includes a booklet with an essay by music critic Robert Palmer, "On Thin Ice - the music of Yoko Ono". Each CD includes Yoko Ono's liner notes.

Onobox was also available as a limited-edition Onobox Ultracase: the metal box included the six CD Onobox, Walking On Thin Ice compilation CD, and a unique sculpture by Yoko Ono, A Key To Open A Universe (glass, signed and numbered).

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