Yoko Ono

new york rock


1. it happened (mother)
2. i'll always be with you
3. speck of dust
4. midsummer new york
5. what a bastard the world is
6. loneliness
7. give me something
8. light on the other side
9. tomorrow may never come
10. don't be scared
11. growing pain
12. warzone
13. never say goodbye
14. o'sanity
15. i want my love to rest tonight
16. i felt like smashing my face in a clear glass window
17. now or never


18. we're all water
19. yes, i'm your angel
20. it happened (jill)
21. where do we go from here
22. sleepless night
23. no, no, no
24. even when you're far away
25. hell in paradise
26. toyboat
27. story of an oak tree
28. goodbye sadness


© Capitol Records 1995

All words and music by Yoko Ono.

Produced for record by Rob Stevens.

Original cast recording related to the musical New York Rock, 1994, written and composed by Yoko Ono, and directed by Phillip Oesterman. The recording was produced to benefit amFAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

Original artwork by Sean Ono Lennon.


Never say goodbye

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NY Rock

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