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See Hear Yoko: Jody Denberg & Bob Gruen

"See Hear Yoko" was created by my dear long-time friend & the US rock radio legend Jody Denberg and the amazing photographer Bob Gruen as a surprise birthday present to Yoko.

From the book description: "See Hear Yoko captures the rich complexity of Yoko Ono - woman, artist, activist, wife and mother - from her days with John Lennon through the present, with intimate portraits by the legendary rock-and-roll photographer Bob Gruen, and words by Ono herself, edited from conversations with Jody Denberg, rock radio's "Voice of Austin, Texas."

Conceived expressly for Yoko Ono as a gift between friends on the occasion of her eightieth birthday, and published at her personal request, See Hear Yoko is legendary rock-and-roll photographer Bob Gruen's tribute to an icon of contemporary American cultural history, from her days with John Lennon up through the present. Gruen, who served as personal photographer to Lennon and Ono during their years in New York City, has collaborated with his friend, Austin rock radio mainstay Jody Denberg, who edited twenty-five years of interviews with Yoko for the book's text.

In this breathtaking volume, Gruen has selected more than two-hundred classic color and black-and-white photographs that intimately illuminate the life of Yoko Ono at the height of her fame as a woman, wife, mother and avant-garde artist (who keeps creating, she says, because "That's who I am.") Yoko's role as peace activist and artist underscores the enduring legacy of the era of rock-and-roll. See Hear Yoko reveals a modern woman in love, in ascension, in grief, in joy and in peace.

Lavish and beautiful, mirroring the deeply personal design of the original volume given to Yoko herself, See Hear Yoko brings into focus an extraordinary woman and one of the most memorable periods in modern history."


Promotional image by Taschen: Kishin Shinoyama. John Lennon & Yoko Ono
Promotional image by Taschen


"Kishin Shinoyama. John Lennon & Yoko Ono" is a limited art edition publication for collectors published by Taschen.

From the book description: "Renowned for his sensual, provocative images, Kishin Shinoyama is one of Japan's most controversial and acclaimed artists, at once hailed by critics and charged for public indecency.

His capacity for ease and intimacyis perhaps most poignantly expressed in his beautiful series of photographs of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, shot for the cover and promotion of the couple's celebrated 1980 album, Double Fantasy, just three months before Lennon's untimely death. Featuring many previously unseen images, the series resonates with a remarkable honesty, and immortalizes this iconic couple at a pivotal moment in their personal and creative relationship.

Limited Art Edition of 125 copies with a print signed by photographer Kishin Shinoyama. Also available in a second Art Edition (No. 126-250) with an alternative print by Kishin Shinoyama and in a Collector's Edition (No. 251-1,980)."


Infinite Universe At Dawn by Yoko Ono
Promotional image by Genesis Publications


"Yoko Ono Infinite Universe At Dawn" is another very beautiful limited edition collector's art publication published by Genesis Publications.

From the book description: "For all those that Imagine Peace, Yoko Ono Infinite Universe At Dawn celebrates Yoko Ono's seminal art and activism across eight decades.

'Seeds of ideas, like pebbles, were raining through my life. Genesis Publications has captured those seeds and presented them to you here, for your observation, selection and experimentation, to make their destination entirely yours.' - Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono Infinite Universe At Dawn encourages the reader to have an experience of connection and reminds us that, together, we have the power to change the world. Yoko Ono is signing every book in her limited edition of just 1,500 copies worldwide."

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Yoko Ono in Iceland in October 2014
Yoko Ono with the Mayor of Reykjavik, Dagur Bergþóruson Eggertsson. Photo © Sari Gurney


I am sorry it took so long because of my illness, but here it is now and I hope you will enjoy it. Lots of photos and the second video will be added asap to the same page!

"All we are saying, is give peace a chance!"



© Sari Gurney
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