Yoko Ono

live peace in toronto

1. blue suede shoes (perkins)
2. money (bradford-gordy)
3. dizzy miss lizzy (williams)
4. yer blues (lennon-mccartney)
5. cold turkey (lennon)
6. give peace a chance
7. don't worry kyoko (mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow) (ono)
8. john, john (let's hope for peace) (ono)


© Apple 1969

The Plastic Ono Band: Yoko Ono: vocals, John Lennon: vocals, guitar, Eric Clapton: guitar, Klaus Voorman: bass, Alan White: drums

Recorded live at Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival, Varsity Stadium, Canada in 1969.

Only excerpts from the concert at Toronto Rock 'n' Roll Revival were released on this LP. A video/DVD release of the concert is also available.


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Live peace in Toronto

© Sari Gurney
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