Yoko Ono

unfinished music no. 2: life with the lions

1. cambridge 1969
2. no bed for beatle john
3. baby's heartbeat
4. two minutes silence
5. radio play


© Zapple 1969

Cambridge 1969: Performed by Yoko Ono, vocal and John Lennon, guitar with Mal Evans, watch, and two Johns (John Tchicai, saxophone + John Stevens, percussion) who emerge at the end of the piece. No Bed For Beatle John, Baby's Heartbeat, Two Minutes Silence, Radio Play: Yoko Ono: vocals. John Lennon: acoustic guitar.

Produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Recorded live at Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge, England on March 2, 1969 and at Queen Charlotte Hospital, London, England on November 4 & 25, 1968.

Reissued by Rykodisc in 1997 with previously unreleased bonus tracks:

Song For John: Yoko Ono: vocal. John Lennon: acoustic guitar.
Mulberry: Yoko Ono: vocal. John Lennon: acoustic guitar.


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Life with the Lions

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