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AP: "Mary Eoloff, the adoptive mother of Mordechai Vanunu, who has spoken out against Israel's nuclear weapons program, speaks to guests afer she and her husband Nicholas accepted the 2004 Lennon Ono Grant For Peace from Yoko Ono, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2004, in a private ceremony at the United Nations."


AP: "Yoko Ono chats with investigative journalist Seymour Hersh after presenting him with the 2004 Lennon Ono Grant For Peace, an award honoring two recipients for their courage in seeking truth as a means to a more peaceful world."


Yoko Ono with journalist Seymour Hersh.



AP (September 16th 2004)

"Yoko Ono has awarded peace grants to journalist Seymour Hersh and Israeli nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, men she says epitomize her late husband John Lennon's song, "Gimme Some Truth." Hersh and Vanunu will each receive a $50,000 LennonOno Grant for Peace, according to a statement Thursday by Ono's publicist, Elliot Mintz. Ono said the 2004 honorees are "people who have spoken out for the benefit of the human race by overcoming extreme personal difficulties and, in doing so, have allowed the truth to prevail."

"My hope is that the awards will not only honor the two recipients for their incredible courage but ask others to follow their example to take a stand for truth," she said in the statement.

Hersh and Vanunu will be honored at a private dinner at the United Nations on Oct. 7, two days before the anniversary of Lennon's birthday."

LennonOno Grant for Peace 2002

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