Yoko Ono

Take Me to the Land of Hell


1. moonbeams
2. cheshire cat cry
3. tabetai
4. bad dancer
5. little boy blue your daddy's gone
6. there's no goodbye between us
7. 7th floor
8. n.y. noodle town
9. take me to the land of hell
10. watching the dawn
11. leaving tim
12. shine, shine
13. hawk's call


© Chimera Music 2013

The Japanese print of the record differs slightly from the regular print with track 13. being Story of An Oak Tree and including a second disc with Ai (meaning "Love" in Japanese).

arrow Yoko Ono presents "Take Me to the Land of Hell" at WNYC

place your bets, watch your step. i'm a bad dancer with no regrets



Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band ake Me to the Land of Hell

© Sari Gurney
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