Yoko Ono



jody denberg's interviews with yoko ono (temporarily offline)
Music interviews from 1984 to 2007

yoko ono
The Observer, 2008

the surprisingly sexy septuagenarian
NY Metro, 2005

age becomes her
The Guardian, 2005

la lanterna di vittorio
The New Yorker, 2003

multimedia pioneer
An interview with Yoko Ono by Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky, 2002

mix a building and the wind
E-flux, 2002

just imagine
The Observer, 2001

q&a: yoko ono
The Guardian, 2001

a conversation with yoko ono
SF Bay Guardian, 1997

a life in flux
The Wire, 1996

interview with tony elliott
Time Out, 1968

arrow More interviews with Yoko Ono on her official Flickr website


Yoko Ono in Helsinki 2013. Photo by Sari Gurney / AIU
Photo © Sari Gurney / AIU 2013

© Sari Gurney
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