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yoko ono iceland Oct 2014


The first video is almost the full LennonOno Grant For Peace 2014 event (unfortunately minus the first person who was awarded, the former mayor of Reykjavik Jon Gnarr, because I was too slow with my camera) in Reykjavik at the beautiful Harpa House with the speeches by the awarded persons and Yoko Ono herself. (Almost 24 minutes).

LennonOno Grant For Peace 2014 was awarded to Jann Wenner (co-founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine), Jeremy Gilley (founder of the non-profit organisation Peace One Day), Art Production Fund (a non-profit fund by Doreen Remen & Yvonne Force) and Jon Gnarr.


The second film (about 7 minutes) of the lighting ceremony of Imagine Peace Tower on Videy island near Reykjavik on John Lennon's (and Sean's!) birthday! The lighting is a very beautiful ceremony with Lennon's "Imagine" playing in the background while the tower lights beam out to the night sky above us one by one until they are all lit. It was very hard not to become emotional during the lighting, and afterwards we all got to dance with Yoko around the tower with the music playing ("All we are saying is give peace a chance!") and some of us - including me! - singing along.

This visit to Iceland was very special for me also because I finally got to meet a long time Ono friend of mine, Art. We have been in touch online since 1997, and now we finally met in person. It was a magical moment, and I truly feel blessed to have such good friends all over the world through our mutual interest in Yoko Ono's art and music. We are like one big family in Nutopia!

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Yoko Ono Iceland 2014
Yoko Ono in Reykjavik 2014 (c) Sari Gurney

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