Yoko Ono

imagine peace tower


Three speeches made by Yoko Ono on October 9th 2006 in Iceland

We can do it
Affirmation for Iceland for the dedication of Imagine Peace Tower



The light house is a phantom house that is built by sheer light.
You set up prisms at a certain time of day, under a certain evening light which goes through the prisms, the light house appears in the middle of the field like an image, except that, with this image, you can actually go inside if you wanted to. The light house may not emerge every day, just as the sun doesn't shine every day.y.o. 1965*

Rewritten in 1967 for Lisson Gallery, London


Wish Tree for Reykjavik

Send your wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER:

PO Box 1009
121 Reykjavík

I love you!
yoko ono 2006




Iceland. © NASA

© Sari Gurney
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