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Please contact the galleries and bookstores directly if you would like learn more about the items and their current stock.

bound & unbound
601 West 26 Street - 12th Floor
New York, NY 10001
ph. (212) 463-7348 fax (212) 463-8948

Barbara Moore at Bound & Unbound offers many rare Yoko Ono related art items for sale, for instance event and concert programmes/flyers/booklets, exhibition catalogues, art books, postcards, objects, and related artist ephemera.

art metropole
788 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1N6
info@artmetropole.com / website

Art Metropole has several Yoko Ono related art items for sale, prices ranging from one dollar (postcards and buttons) to $4000 ("add a colour" piece). They have also published a few small works by Yoko Ono (a War Is Over shopping bag, a button and postcard) and held an exhibition in 2001.

ubu gallery
416 East 59 Street, New York NY 10022
Ph: (212) 753 4444 fax: (212) 753 4470 / website

Two groups of photographs (enlarged film stills) from two of Ono's seminal films: "No. 4 (Bottoms)," 1966-67 and "Fly," 1968-70. The photographs are available individually and as complete sets in uniquely designed boxes containing a DVD of the source film. Neither the films nor images from the films have previously been available for purchase. According to the info from the Ubu the individual photographs without frames (only one of each image available currently) cost $1.800.00 and the complete set of 8 photographs and a DVD of the source film housed in a portfolio box costs $9.500.00 (Information from 2000)

several galleries through artnet.com
Play it by Trust Work Date 1966 - 1998 Category Sculpture Medium MDF painted Dimensions 28.7x28.7 in. / 73x73.00 cm Price 25.000 USD

Painting to See the Room Through Work Date 1998 Category Mixed Media Medium Carved wood frame with silver finish Dimensions 22.0x28.0 in. / 55.9x71.10 cm Price 15.000 USD Edition 3&1AP

Build a House (on a hill) 8 Architectural Pieces (Dedicated to a Phantom Architect) Work Date 1965 Category Work on Paper Medium Ink on paper Dimensions 9.0x12.0 in. / 22.9x30.50 cm Price 3.000 USD

Balance Piece, installation, h: 63 x w: 23.6 x d: 15.8 in / h: 160 x w: 59.9 x d: 40.1 cm. Materials Ink on paper (instruction text and drawing), metal, wood. Work Date 1958-1997 Price USD 40000

From My Window: Who has seen the wind? Paintings Pigment on canvas

Vertical Memory 1997 Iris print and text h: 31 x w: 49 cm / h: 12.2 x w: 19.3 in

Bastet 1990 Sculptures Bronze, granite with inscription, metal, electric light, light bulbs, transformer Each cat aprox: 35,5 x 26 x 12,7 cm


other galleries

serge ziegler galerie

fine art rafael vostell

shoshana wayne gallery


other resources

printed matter
Many Yoko Ono related items, books, exhibition catalogues, multiples, ephemera.

printed editions
"Source and buy limited edition prints by the world's greatest artists from the world's leading print dealers and galleries." At the moment (June 2012) two limited edition prints by Yoko Ono.

Fluxus, but also for instance A Box Of Smile by Yoko Ono from 1971.

Books, lots of them!



galleries & other resources
Bound & Unbound, New York



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