Yoko Ono


1. midsummer new york
2. mind train
3. mind holes
4. don't worry kyoko
5. mrs. lennon
6. hirake
7. toilet piece/unknown
8. o'wind (body is the scar of your mind)
9. airmale (also on the film erection)
10. don't count the waves
11. you
12. fly (also: the film fly)
13. telephone piece


© Apple 1971

Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band with Joe Jones Tone Deaf Music Co.

Yoko Ono: vocals, claves (Airmale, Don't Count The Waves), John Lennon: guitar, piano, organ, Eric Clapton: guitar (Don't Worry Kyoko), Ringo Starr: drums (Don't Worry Kyoko), Klaus Voormann: bass, guitar, bells (Mrs. Lennon), cymbal (O'Wind), percussion (Don't Count The Waves), Jim Keltner: drums, tuned drum, tabla, percussion, Jim Gordon: drums (Hirake), tabla (O'Wind), Bobby Keyes: claves (O'Wind), Chris Osborne: dobro (Midsummer New York, Mind Train), Joe Jones and the Tone Deaf Music Co. with John Lennon (Airmale, Don't Count The Waves), Joe Jones and the Tone Deaf Music Co. (You)

Produced by Yoko Ono and John Lennon

Recorded at Ascot Sound Studios and Record Plant, NYC.

Fly was reissued in 1997 by Rykodisc with previously unreleased bonus tracks

Between The Takes Yoko Ono: voice. Ringo Starr: drums. Klaus Voormann: Bass. Recorded in 1970.

Will You Touch Me? Yoko Ono: voice. John Lennon: acoustic guitar. Recorded on cassette, Bank Street period.


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