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fluxfilm no. 9: eyeblink
1 minute. Silent. B&W.

Camera: Peter Moore. Entry by George Maciunas: “High speed camera, 200fr./sec. view of one eyeblink.”

fluxfilm no. 14: one (match)
4:30 minutes. Silent. B&W

Camera: Peter Moore. Entry by George Maciunas: High speed camera 2000fr/sec. match striking fire.”

fluxfilm no. 16: four
5.30 minutes. Silent. B&W.

With Susanna Campbell, Philip Corner, Anthony Cox, Bici Hendricks, Geoffrey Hendricks, Kyoko Ono, Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, Jeff Perkins, Susan Polang, Jerry Sablo, Carolee Schneemann, James Tenney, Pieter Vanderbiek, Verne Williams. Camera: Jeff Perkins, Anthony Cox. Entry by George Maciunas: “Sequences of buttock movement as various performers walked. Filmed at constant distance.”

film no. 4

80 minutes. Sound. B&W.

The second version of Film No. 4 by Yoko Ono.


film no. 5 (smile)
51 minutes. Sound. Colour.

two virgins
With John Lennon.
19:30 minutes.

The faces of John Lennon and Yoko Ono superimposed over one another in slow motion so that they partially blend. At the end there's a longer sequence in which they embrace and kiss each other. The soundtrack is the album by the same name.



With John Lennon.
76:30 minutes. Sound. Colour.
Commissioned by Austrian television ORF

With John Lennon.
61 minutes. Sound. Colour.

With John Lennon.
42 minutes.

the ballad of john and yoko
With John Lennon.



With John Lennon.
18:30 minutes. Sound. Colour.

25 minutes. Sound. Colour.

1 minute. Sound, Colour.
Soundtrack by John Lennon.

Yoko Ono stands wearing a purple bra in front of the camera, struggling to remove the bra.

up your legs forever
70 minutes. Sound. Colour.



With John Lennon.
18 minutes. Sound. Colour.
Music from Yoko Ono's album Fly.

the museum of modern art show
With John Lennon.
7 minutes. Sound. Colour.

With John Lennon.
60 minutes. Sound. Colour.

Music film with 13 pieces by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (from Lennon's Imagine, and Yoko Ono's Don't Count the Waves and Mrs. Lennon, as well as their Power to the People).

With John Lennon.
60 minutes.

A study of a clock shot in the lobby of the St Regis Hotel in September 1971, with John Lennon rock music as soundtrack.



ten for two: sisters o sisters
With John Lennon.
Four minutes.

Concert footage from John Sinclair Freedom Rally.



a blueprint for the sunrise


music videos

walking on thin ice

Six minutes.

goodbye sadness

2:30 minutes.

hell in paradise

3:57 minutes.

new york woman

2:02 minutes.


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Film no 4 aka "Bottoms" by Yoko Ono
Stills from Film No 4 (Bottoms) ©Yoko Ono

© Sari Gurney
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