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Museum of Modern (F)art by Yoko Ono 1971
The artist's book related to the "exhibition"

MoMa 1971 ad by Yoko Ono
The advertisement in the Village Voice Dec 2 1971

Yoko Ono in 1996 about the imaginary show at MoMa: "In April, 1971, flies were released from a large glass bottle ) placed in the stone garden of the MOMA of New York as an event at the Museum. The same perfume as the one I had been wearing was sprinkled on each fly so that, 1) it would have the same odor as me and, 2) it would be distinguishable from other flies.

Many scented flies were discovered in New York City at the time. However, to my dismay and/or delight, some of them have migrated all the way to Los Angeles. In fact, just recently, a great number of them were spotted in, above all places, MOCA! Well, they journeyed from a Museum to a Museum. That makes sense to me.

The migration, however, seems to have been on a larger scale than I had expected. In fact, the number of perfumed flies discovered in MOCA is far greater than what had come out of the bottle originally in MOMA. That also makes sense to me, as rapid multiplication must have occurred in the course of the 25 year journey. Those flies!"

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