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grapefruit as an idea
Joan E. Stoltman's thesis "Engage, Perform, Act: How Contemporary Artists Use the Book as Form and the Book as Idea" involves also Yoko Ono's book Grapefruit: "Grapefruit's readers are intrinsic to the realization of the artworks; since they are inestimable, the book's potential is inestimable." (2008)

an evening with yoko ono, são paulo, brasil
Johann Heyss (November 8th 2007)

imagine peace tower inauguration, reykjavik, iceland
Sari Gurney (October 2007)

remembering nam june paik
Mikihiko Hori's experience of the memorial service (2006).

onochord documentary
Yoko Ono (2005)

yoko ono performance
Barbara Conrady, Passau Opera House (October 22nd 2005)

imagine orjan gerhardsson!
Meet the man behind Bakhåll's John&Yoko publications

onochord in venice
Jorge Artajo (Autumn 2004)

yoko ono's whisper piece in london
Sari Gurney (September 15th 2004)

yoko ono remember love
Petra Zeitz (May 2004)

women's room in denmark
Gunhild Borggreen (May 2004)

odyssey of a cockroach at deitch projects
luke kurtis (October 2003)

women's room in paris
Jorge Artajo (September 2003)

cut piece 2003 in paris
Kevin Concannon (September 2003)

yes yoko ono in miami
John A Starnes (October 25th 2002 - January 26th 2003)

en trance and film screenings at secca
Jacqui Legere (October 26th 2002 - January 12th 2003)

my mommy was beautiful at shoshana wayne gallery
Matthew B. & Christopher Bryant Olson (2002)

multimedia pioneer: an interview with yoko ono
Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky (2002)

yes yoko ono at mit
Nell Beram (2001)

yes yoko ono lecture in the walker art center
Jason Koffman (2001)

yes yoko ono opening party and lecture in houston
Jody Denberg (2001)

impressions barcelona
Jorge Artajo (2001)

yoko ono ebro in spain
Jorge Artajo (2000)

have you seen the horizon lately? scotland
Kathleen Menzies (1998)

en trance ex it spain
Jorge Artajo (1997)


Other specials

imagine peace tower and lennonono grant for peace, iceland
Sari Gurney (October 2014)

a blueprint for the sunrise
ian Hammond's review (2001)

yoko & the band at arthurfest
Mikihiko Hori (2005)

yoko's birthday show in paris
Jorge, Christ, Jens, and Ruud (2006)

yoko ono - women for women now (.pdf)
With thanks to Matt, here's the self-published programme by Yoko Ono from January 1974 for her "Women for Women" concert. It includes her essay ("Feeling the Space"), lyrics and drawings. "To my sisters, with love."

yoko at kenny's castaways in 1973
Mikihiko Hori contributed scans from the self-published programme for this gig by Yoko, called "Yoko Ono appearing at Kenny's Castaways on 84th off 3rd Avenue October 23rd to 28th with Plastic Ono Super Band"

give peace a chance, again
Gerry Deiter photographed John&Yoko during their Montreal Bed-In in 1969: read his thoughts about the event and see his beautiful photos of the couple.

ede wolk: "the day i dropped in on the bed-in"
A personal experience of the Montreal Bed-in 1969.




Art Specials

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