Yoko Ono

every man has a woman


1. every man has a woman who loves him performed by john lennon
2. silver horse performed by harry nilsson
3. i'm moving on performed by eddie money
4. nobody sees me like you do performed by rosanne cash
5. dogtown performed by alternating boxes
6. goodbye sadness performed by roberta flack
7. walking on thin ice performed by elvis costello and the attractions (with the TKO horns)
8. wake up performed by trio
9. dream love performed by harry nilsson
10. now or never performed by spirit choir
11. loneliness performed by harry nilsson
12. it's alright performed by sean lennon


"In the many centuries I may have lived or may live you are the only soul that had so much faith in me. Thank you, John." - Y.O.

© Polygram Records 1984

All words and music by Yoko Ono.

Album liner notes include an essay by Yoko Ono titled Crystal Ball (1983).


Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him performed by John Lennon
/ It's Alright performed by Sean Lennon
Silver Horse / Dream Love performed by Harry Nilsson
Loneliness performed by Harry Nilsson
Dogtown performed by Alternating Boxes

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Every man has a woman

© Sari Gurney
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