Yoko Ono

Chimera Music Release No. 0


1. the world was made for men (the goastt)
2. ask the elephant! (yoko ono plastic ono band)
3. you feel right (if by yes)
4. rainbow in gasoline (the goastt)
5. you're something else (if by yes)
6. hamlet's theme (sean lennon)
7. small talk (kemp and eden)
8. smoke & mirrors (sean lennon)
9. if by yes (if by yes)
10. papership (kemp & eden)
11. elsinore (sean lennon)
12. come here chimera (sean lennon)
13. calling (yoko ono plastic ono band)
14. freed (sean lennon)


© Chimera Music 2009

Original recording, special edition, was released in Japan on January 21st 2009

the goastt: Sean Lennon & Charlotte Muhl
if by yes: Yuka Honda, Petra Haden, Yuko Araki & Hirotaka Shimizu
kemp & eden: Charlotte Muhl & Eden Rice

Plastic Ono band gig

Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan, on January 21st 2009 with the following performers:

Chimera Music presents: The GOASTT - Sean Lennon & Charlotte Muhl If By Yes - Yuka Honda, Petra Haden, Yuko Araki & Hirotaka Shimizu Kemp & Eden - Charlotte Muhl & Eden Rice Yoko Ono Plastic ONO Band




© Sari Gurney
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