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"Life with just two people in Kyoto - John Lennon, a Beatle, and Yoko Ono"

Published in Asahi Graphic in February 1971

"Out of the blue, the Beatle, John Lennon, and Yoko Ono paid a secret visit to Japan on January 13, 1971. They visited Yoko's "old home" in order to meet Yoko's family for the first time after they got married. On the 25th, they left the Haneda airport and left a message for fans, promising to visit Japan again. During the six days of their visit, they enjoyed their private life in Kyoto without being disturbed by anyone else, except when one friend of theirs (who took these photographs and wrote this text) paid a visit."

""There it is, there it is." John who wanted to buy a wooden sword brandished it happily."

"When he sees something he likes, he would raise his fist like Banzai. When he found the land developed for housing lots on a shaved mountain, he furrowed his brow and screamed, "Kusobaka *"

*"Kuso" means "shit," and "Baka" means "stupid," or "fool," so two together mean, I would say, "shitty fool," or something like that. John must have learned this coinage "Kusobaka" from Yoko.

"Humans are most human when they are in nature. There was free space for just two people."

"The town of Kyo viewed from Hiei was fogged like Koharu-biyori *. (John) whispered, "Ah, this is a town that made history!"

* Koharu-biyori : An Indian summer day, a balmy autumn day.

"(John) called over to a monk who was practicing Kangyo (winter austerities as spiritual exercise) to give him alms. When the monk received a 10,000 Yen bill, he was doubtly surprised."

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