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Yoko Ono Kent UK March 2016



Photo: Wallpaper

MAC Lyon, France
March 9th - July 10th 2016

According to Louise Blouin Media, "the exhibition will span the period from 1952-2016 and will survey the full spectrum of her vast and diverse practice across sound, film, participation, instruction, architecture, installations, and environments." (...) "Exhibitions of her work are rare in France." (...) "The MAC Lyon describes Ono as rare individual who emerged as a fully formed artist, from the beginning working with concepts and ideas, new ways of listening, and new ways of making sound. “Her education was philosophy, and the extraordinarily difficult times of war and displacement,” MAC Lyon states."



México City, México
February 2nd - May 29th 2016

From the press release: "Yoko Ono LAND OF HOPE surges from the initiative PARADISO PROJECT by the Culture Commission Archdiocese of Mexico, where we invited Yoko Ono to make a statement through her artistic work in Mexico City for to communicate the sense of community, hope and peace that naturally stands up in her proposal. Curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, Director of the Museum Astrup Fearnley in Oslo, LAND OF HOPE is formed by an intramural display, with the important collaboration in partnership with the project, the Memory and Tolerance Museum that assumes the responsibility for this part, that gives center and forcefulness to the other pieces distributed throughout the city, which are located in public or semi-public spaces which makes up the exhibition outside the walls; this dimension in turn, was conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Culture CDMX, the Trustfund for the Historic Downtown, the Subway Sistem, the Chapultepec Park and the new space for contemporary art PARADISO PROJECT based Mitra, located in the building of the Archdiocese of Mexico – as well as art that uses advertising media spaces as support; which all these together make the city itself the exhibition space for Yoko Ono as has not happened before."


Yoko Ono One Woman Show 2015 catalogue by MOMA
The exhibition catalogue which is a homage to the artists book by
Yoko Ono from 1971 by the same title

MoMA, New York
May 17th - September 7th 2015

From the press release: "The Museum of Modern Art presents its first exhibition dedicated exclusively to the work of Yoko Ono, taking as its point of departure the artist’s unofficial MoMA debut in late 1971. At that time, Ono advertised her “one woman show,” titled Museum of Modern [F]art. However, when visitors arrived at the Museum there was little evidence of her work. According to a sign outside the entrance, Ono had released flies on the Museum grounds, and the public was invited to track them as they dispersed across the city. Now, over 40 years later, Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971 surveys the decisive decade that led up to Ono’s unauthorized exhibition at MoMA, bringing together approximately 125 of her early objects, works on paper, installations, performances, audio recordings, and films, alongside rarely seen archival materials. A number of works invite interaction, including Painting to Be Stepped On (1960/1961) and Ono’s groundbreaking performance, Bag Piece (1964). The exhibition draws upon the 2008 acquisition of the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection Gift, which added approximately 100 of Ono’s artworks and related ephemera to the Museum’s holdings.

During the first 11 years of her extensive career, Ono moved among New York, Tokyo, and London, serving a pioneering role in the international development of Conceptual art, experimental film, and performance art. Her earliest works were often based on instructions that Ono communicated to viewers in verbal or written form. Painting to Be Stepped On (1960/1961), for example, invited viewers to tread upon a piece of canvas placed directly on the floor. Though easily overlooked, the work radically questioned the division between art and the everyday by asking viewers to participate in its completion. At times poetic, humorous, sinister, and idealistic, Ono’s early text-based works anticipated the objects that she presented throughout the decade, including Grapefruit (1964), her influential book of instructions; Apple (1966), a solitary piece of fruit placed on a Plexiglas pedestal; and Half-A-Room (1967), an installation of bisected domestic objects.

The exhibition also explores Ono’s seminal performances and films, including Cut Piece (1964) and Film No. 4 (1966/1967). In Cut Piece, Ono confronted issues of gender, class, and cultural identity by asking viewers to cut away pieces of her clothing as she sat quietly on stage. Two years later Ono made Film No. 4, which again centered on the body, though to much different effect. The film—a sequence of naked, moving buttocks—signaled Ono’s desire to break down class hierarchies by focusing on a universally shared feature. At the end of the decade, Ono’s collaborations with John Lennon, including Bed-In (1969) and the WAR IS OVER! if you want it (1969–) campaign, boldly communicated her commitment to promoting world peace. Upon returning to New York in the early 1970s, Ono—like the flies purportedly released at MoMA—had infiltrated the public realm; her artwork appeared on billboards and in newspapers and she performed internationally with her Plastic Ono Band."

Play it by Trust by Yoko Ono in Pori, Finland 1991
Ono's installation of Play It By Trust in Pori, Finland, 1991. By Lenono Photo Archive.

It is also possible
to play Yoko Ono's White Chess (aka "Play it By Trust") at Sculpture Garden (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays May 17—September 7, 1:00–4:00 p.m.): "Play Yoko Ono's White Chess (1966), originally created by the artist to change the competitive structure of the game by requiring players to work together for the match to progress. A special collaboration with Chess in the Schools, this program is open to visitors of all ages and abilities, and is presented in conjunction with Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971."

MoMa Yoko Ono events


Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College, Fort Myers, USA
January 24th - March 29th 2014


Gallery 360, Tokyo, Japan
December 9th 2013 - January 18th 2014

Press release: "The exhibition is an installation including a participatory work for women in the world. (...) To all women, we cordially invite you to participate in the work. "


Arising entrance
Image by Gallery 360

arrow Read Yoko Ono's exhibition related call to all women (.pdf)




Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
November 15th 2013 - February 23rd 2014

From the press release: "Delight in sculpture, immersive installations, written texts, films, sound compositions and participatory art works which will involve you in a range of hands-on activities – from mending and arranging broken crockery, to stamping world maps with peace stamps, to writing personal messages of love to your mother."


Endangered Species by Yoko Ono at MCA
Endangered Species 2319-2322 (1993) by Yoko Ono

Imagine Peace Map at MCA
Imagine Peace Map installation. Images by MCA

There is a very wide selection of exhibition related events in Sydney: two nights of screenings, performances and live music; film screenings; festival events; and a special exhibition tour targeted to people bringing their small children with them. There is a very wide selection of exhibition related events in Sydney: two nights of screenings, performances and live music; film screenings; festival events; and a special exhibition tour targeted to people bringing their small children with them. There was also a special event by Yoko Ono in Sydney Opera House in November: "The 80-year-old widow of John Lennon will discuss her life, art and political activism as part of an event titled In Conversation with Yoko Ono: War Is Over (If You Want It)."

yoko ono: MCA exhibition trailer

yoko ono's calligraphy piece at MCA australia

yoko ono's 'whisper' performed at sydney opera house



Sky Piece to Jesus Christ


Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Germany
February 15th - May 12th 2013

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
June 1st - September 15th 2013

Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain
March 14th – August 31st 2014

From the Louisiana Museum press release: "As an introduction to the exhibition, one of Yoko Ono's major architectural installations, En Trance, will be shown for the first time in many years. This architectural wall with its ambiguous title offers six different entrance options, allowing for various experiences. The first section of the exhibition features important works from the early 1960s where Yoko Ono became known for her ground-breaking experimental and conceptual works, performed first in New York and later in Japan. From here the exhibition continues with large spatial installations and recent works, including the brand new installation, Moving Mountains, where we are invited, individually or together with others, to form mobile sculptures from cloth bags. One area is specifically devoted to Ono's musical production, represented by music videos, concert recordings, covers, posters etc. Yoko Ono's great political commitment and her enduring efforts to reach out and engage in dialogue with people all over the world – through the use of social media, billboards and Participation Pieces – can be experienced within and outside the museum walls. In the Louisiana Park you are invited to hang your personal wishes on a Wish Tree and on large billboards in Copenhagen you will find poetic messages from the artist throughout the exhibition period."

arrow The Museum website also includes video clips from the exhibition press conference with Yoko Ono


yoko ono: a thing called life louisiana museum

yoko ono: performances at the louisiana museum

yoko ono on NDR kulturjournal 12 August 2013 about her art


The Schirn press release: "Yoko Ono is one of the most influential artists of our time. On the occasion of her eightieth birthday, the SCHIRN is preparing an extensive retrospective. Through a consideration of characteristic works from the last sixty years, it will showcase the wide variety of media the artist has worked in, and the central themes of her oeuvre. Ono became well known in the early 1960s with her germinal work, which first appeared in New York and then in Japan. This work included "Instructions for Paintings", exhibited in 1961 and 1962, "Cut Piece", and the publication of "Grapefruit" in 1964, which solidified that reputation. The exhibition takes a particularly close look at Ono's works from the sixties and seventies, including her influence on Fluxus, Concept Art, Performance, Environments, film, music, her work for peace, and her role in pioneering those groundbreaking ideas. Several large installations and other current works will also be exhibited."


Water Source


Gallery 360, Tokyo, Japan
December 10th 2012 - January 26th 2013

Press release: "Yoko Ono's Water Source (2012) combines Parts of a Light House (1966) and a participatory work Time To Tell Your Love (2012) which includes an element "prove your love". For those who participate they will receive a gift from the artist and the photograph taken will be placed on the wall. For the work My Mommy Is Beautiful (2004), you are also invited to bring an image of your mother and write thoughts or remembrances about her to add to the canvas."


TheMuseum, Kitchener, Canada
May 12th - September 4th 2012


Stockholm 2012


Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
June 6th - September 16th 2012

From the press release: "By the late 1950s, Yoko Ono had already begun creating poetic works in which text, music, performance and experimental painting merge. The exhibition has its starting point in Grapefruit, which Yoko Ono (b. 1933) published in 1964. This book contains ideas and sketches for painting, events, films, dance, music, painting, objects and architecture that the viewer can choose to carry out in reality, or simply in their own minds, if they like. Yoko Ono moved from Japan to the USA with her family in the 1940s, and soon became a leading voice in New York’s most interesting artist circles, which worked with happenings, sound art, poetry and film. Alongside colleagues including George Maciunas, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage and others, Yoko Ono developed totally new modes of expression that questioned the artworld’s increasingly commercial preoccupations, and which left heroic high modernism behind. The Grapefruit exhibition will include a selection of Yoko Ono’s ‘instruction pieces’, which invite us into imaginative ways of looking at existence and at the making of art. A number of experimental films and pivotal early works show Yoko to be a pioneer of conceptual art and the international fluxus movement, and also reflect the artist’s lifelong struggle for peace and love."


Serpentine 2012


Serpentine Gallery, London, Britain
June 21st - September 9th 2012

From the gallery press release: "The Serpentine’s timely exhibition will reflect upon the enormous impact that Yoko Ono has made on contemporary art, exploring her influential role in art, music, film and performance. Her first exhibition in a London public institution for more than a decade, Ono will present new and existing works, some of which have rarely been shown in the UK. These will include installations, films and performances, as well as architectural alterations to the galleries. As a part of her exhibition, Ono will present SMILE, a large-scale project which will be exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery and online for the London 2012 Festival. Conceived as a way of connecting people across the world, the project invites people to upload and send an image of their smiles, to create a global anthology of portraits."


Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
January 13th - March 10th 2012


I want you to remember me


Gallery 360, Tokyo, Japan
December 10th 2011 - January 28th 2012

From the gallery press release: "I Want You To Remember Me / Oboetete is a dramatic new installation of Yoko Ono dealing with shattered lives, loss and remembrance. Inspired by her own experiences of growing up in war-torn Japan, displacement and awareness of the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and now by the events of March 2011, Ono has created works that confront the emotions of the viewer and open up memories in each individual. The installation I Want You To Remember Me / Oboetete serves as a window through which we can project our own thoughts, and find resonance in many areas of our own minds and experiences. This is one of the great abilities of Ono’s work, which time and again she has realized in many different ways with works such as Freight Train, Ex-It, Wish Trees, Imagine Peace, and so many others."


Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
December 10th 2011 - January 28th 2012

From the gallery press release: "In the exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Light (original title in Japanese 灯 あかり), Ono will present a variety of works to bring light to the Japanese people in the wake of the tragic earthquake. Among the works in the exhibitions are: To the Light, a large maze which people can walk through to find a light in the center; Invisible People, transparent human-shaped figures standing in dim lights in the darkness ; works from Remnants, arranged and displayed broken furniture from a house that was destroyed in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Based on one of the works from Remnants, Ono created an edition work titled Air Clock and will release it to the public for the first time in this exhibition. Ono will also inscribe messages of her hopes and thoughts in the gallery space with Japanese calligraphy."


Road of Hope


The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
July 30th - October 16th 2011

The 8th Hiroshima Art Prize winner Yoko Ono exhibits her art: The Doors, Wish Tree for Hiroshima 2011 and My Mommy was Beautiful 2011. From the press release: "Yoko Ono, who for over half a century has continued to work as an artist while delivering her message of "love and peace," was awarded the 8th Hiroshima Art Prize this year .She will hold a solo exhibition titled "The Road of Hope" at the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art from 30 July till 16 October. Hiroshima and Nagasaki witnessed two of the greatest tragedies in human history. Now we have witnessed the Great East Japan Earthquake, which took so many lives, and the unprecedented catastrophe of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The new exhibition will be a requiem for those whose lives were lost and an attempt to console those who experienced the tragedy directly. With a new installation that will suggest a "road of hope," the exhibition will be a message from Ono to the world."

arrow Yoko Ono's official Flickr gallery of the exhibition


Gallery 360°, Tokyo, Japan
December 2010

From the exhibition press release: "Pictures of smiling faces of viewers will be taken, projected and made into a film. In order to realize the artwork, transferring a smile from person to person, please visit us to participate in the work."


Das Gift: Helmets


Haunch of Venison, Berlin, Germany
September 10th 2010 – November 13th 2011

From the press release: "Yoko Ono’s installation consists of sculptural, sound, film, and instruction-based participatory elements, which have been conceived specifically for this exhibition. A HOLE, a fragile yet brutally forceful sculpture, is a focal point of the exhibition. It presents viewers with a pane of glass pierced by a bullet, with an instruction engraved on the glass, which reads: “GO TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GLASS AND SEE THROUGH THE HOLE”. Ono’s instruction encourages viewers to see from the perspective of both aggressor and victim, simultaneously engaging two opposing viewpoints. Speaking about the exhibition, Ono states: “I’’d like to draw awareness to all the violence that is happening all over the world. I ask the people who come and visit the exhibition to bring something of their own personal experience with violence: a picture, or a text, that will then be placed on the gallery wall. In the upper floor, however, there will be a room where one only smiles.” Visitor’s smiles will be included in a streaming video, on view during the exhibition."

arrow Photos from the exhibition walk-through by Yoko Ono


Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy
May 25th - October 30th 2010


Beginning May 3rd and running through May 7th, Yoko Ono will present her piece "Wish Tree for Oberlin.
"Also "A Conversation with Yoko Ono" will take place at Oberlin College, Ohio.

arrow Read about Yoko Ono and wish trees




Gallery 360, Tokyo, Japan
December 5th - 25th 2009


Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, Florida
October 6th 2009 - January 4th 2010


Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Palazzetto Tito, Venice, Italy
May 28th - September 20th 2009


Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
March 7th - 30th 2009

From the museum press release: "Those themes which are heavy but seems light, love, family, wishes and death, presented in a undefiled way, it's a strength that soft, at least wants to make you feel the soft strength and touched. In her totem, the various sentiments, are the necessity of life, life is not all roses if lost, yet more luxuriant if more. In Yoko’s most famous work Wish Tree, she collects lots of wishes from all over the world, and sends them to the Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, which was built for her beloved John, to pray that all the lovely wishes would come true, the same as they pray for peace. The audiences will receive Yoko’s call during the exhibition, which is her other work, Telephone Piece, a talking sculpture. Most of Yoko’s video works are searching the freedom of spirit is the theme, which can be seen from her Instruction Works. This personal-ceremony like work will also flourish in Guangzhou, and the audiences will take the invitation with one of her Instruction Pieces to participate her art."


Info from Imagine Peace.com: Between Jan 6th - Feb 2nd 2009, look out for the IMAGINE PEACE / WAR IS OVER! billboards in Times Square, New York (W46th St & Broadway - to the left of Virgin Records) and Washington DC (6th Street & K Street NW, Washington DC, USA 20001-2646).


BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, Britain
December 14th 2008 – March 15th 2009


Yoko Ono at KE Center


Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai, China
November 22nd 2008 - January 23rd 2009


Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
December 3rd 2008 - 25th 20008


Gakushuin Women's College, Tokyo, Japan
October 20th 2008 - January 25th 2009

Works of art in the exhibition: Wish Tree, Mending Piece, My Mummy Is Beautiful, and a new piece titled Bell of Peace.
"Ring the Bell of Peace in your mind." y.o.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
December 9th 2008

arrow Exhibition photos by Mikihiko Hori


Warsaw Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland
September 19th - October 26th 2008

Press release: "The exhibition FLY aims at bringing out decisive basic elements in Yoko Ono's extensive and diverse artistic career. The exhibition is based on Yoko Ono's Instruction works, which touch on or pose questions about the conceptual principles behind the art work, the participation of spectators in its production and its material realization, the ephemerality and de-sanctification of the object of art at the same time as these works, which have strong social and political references, express the critical vision of Yoko Ono."

The works in the exhibition: Fly, 1970, 25 min film; Blue Room, 1966; Ex It, 1997; Amaze, 1971; Wish Tree, 1997; Telephone piece for Warsaw, 2008; Fly, 1963 and Memory Painting, 2008

arrow Exhibition photos by Mikihiko Hori


One Colorado, Pasadena
August 2nd - November 9th 2008


The John Erickson Museum of Art, Belfast, Britain: April 2008

Yoko Ono’s exhibition at JEMA includes her text-based work IMAGINE PEACE (2007) as well as WISH PIECE (1996).


Towada City Project, Towada, Japan
April 26th 2008 - July 6th 2008


Touch Me


Galerie Lelong, New York
April 18th - May 18th 2008


Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany
August 24th - November 16th 2008

Baltic Centre of Contemporary Arts, Gateshead, England
December 14th 2008 - March 15th 2009

Gallery 360º, Tokyo, Japan
December 10th - 29th 2007

Press release (with thanks to Miki): "Gallery 360 Degrees Tokyo is pleased to announced that they will exhibit Yoko Ono's radical film installation, Fly. (--) . The work incorporates 6 DVDs of Yoko Ono's 1970 landmark film, Fly, installed in a dark room, with a time lapse between the beginning of each film and the next, creating an impression of having seen it before, and seeing it into the future. The sound work for each film is set at the same volume, so that a new experience of sound is created by the installation. There will also be an installation in the gallery of Yoko Ono's conceptual artist publication, Museum of Modern F art (1971)."

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo)
November 10th 2007 - February 4th 2008

A solo exhibition by Yoko Ono with for instance Wish Tree, Half-A-Room, Endangered Species 2319-2322, Blood Objects



Santa Caterina Museum, Treviso, Italy
September 29th - January 7th 2008

An exhibition of works and photos by Yoko Ono, for instance Blue Room Event, video performances of Happy X-Mas War is Over and Onochord, Sky Watch Ladders, Wish Tree, Play It By Trust


Imagine Peace


Emily Davis Gallery, Folk Hall / Myers School of Art, Akron, Ohio
July 6th - September 7th 2007

Bucknell University: Aug 25th - Oct 8th 2008

Visual Arts Gallery of New Jersey City University: Oct 27th - Dec 8th 2008

University Art Gallery, Stony Brook University: Sept 6th - Oct 15th 2011

University of La Verne Harris Art Gallery: Nov 8th - Dec 15th 2011

Taubman Museum of Art: Sept 14th 2013 - Jan 11th 2014

From the exhibition press release: "Yoko Ono Imagine Peace, featuring John & Yoko's Year of Peace, focuses on the thematic ideals of peace and love, and follows the work of Yoko Ono and John Lennon chronologically as solo artists, as a couple in the 1960s, and also includes Ono's recent solo works."

Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany: June 13th - August 5th 2007

Yoko Ono will be opening the exhibition with a performance on June 13th, at 6 pm.


Exit in Turkey

Kasa Galeri, Turkey
May 2nd - June 30th 2007

From the exhibition press release: "Yoko Ono's first exhibition in Turkey is at Kasa Galeri from 2nd May. Yoko Ono's exhibition titled "Open City' will meet its visitors with nine installation pieces. Installations with the motives she often used such as 'water', 'sky', 'nature' and the 'peace' theme, are still reflecting the attitude of Fluxus movement of which Ono was a founder member in early 1960s."

Moscow's Second Contemporary Art Biennale, Russia
May 30th - June 24th 2007

RIA Novosti: "Yoko Ono's Odyssey of a Cockroach installation will be shown as part of Moscow's Second Contemporary Art Biennale in June, after being exhibited in London and New York City. Its billboard-size color photographs and towering sculptures are arranged into a phantasmagorical mise-en-scene to present modern urban life through the eyes of a cockroach. Describing the genesis of this project, Ono said: "I have taken various pictures of the city's corners and presented them from a cockroach's point of view. Through the eyes of this other strong race, we may learn the true reality of what our dreams and nightmares have created."

arrow Read the introduction to the exhibition by Yoko Ono from 2003
arrow Watch Russian Today's news broadcast about the exhibition on Youtube

A part of "Street Scenes," a series of public art interventions organized by Nora Halpern and Welmoed Laanstra
Washington DC
March 29th - April 30th 2007

Artnet.com: "Yoko Ono is taking her message of "Imagine Peace" to where it counts the most -- the streets of the U.S. capital. As part of "Street Scenes," a series of D.C. public art interventions organized by Nora Halpern and Welmoed Laanstra, Ono is gearing up stage a series of interventions." From the press release: "Ms. Ono's work celebrates the universal longing for peace: whether it is individual peace of mind, peace for a local community, or a more global aspiration. By installing components throughout the city, the project seeks to unite the varying neighborhoods of Washington and their residents and workers in the desire for progress and understanding--in matters large and small, at home and abroad."

arrow Photos of Imagine Peace events in Washington


GAMeC, Bergamo, Italy
January 26th - February 25th 2007

Art by Yoko Ono, for instance a new piece titled Mother Earth, installation We’re All Water, Pieces of Sky.


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