Yoko Ono

approximately infinite universe


1. yangyang
2. death of samantha
3. i want my love to rest tonight
4. what did i do!
5. have you seen a horizon lately
6. approximately infinite universe
7. peter the dealer
8. song for john
9. catman (the rosies are coming)
10. what a bastard the world is
11. waiting for the sunrise
12. i felt like smashing my head in a clear glass window
13. winter song
14. kite song
15. what a mess
16. shiranakatta (i didn't know)
17. air talk
18. i have a woman inside my soul
19. move on fast
20. now or never
21. is winter here to stay
22. looking over from my hotel window


"This album is dedicated to my best friend John of the second sex."

© Apple 1973

All songs by Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band with Elephant's Memory, Endless Strings and Choir Boys

Yoko Ono: vocals, piano (Looking Over From My Hotel Window) Stan Bronstein: saxophone, flute, clarinet Richard Frank Jr: drums, percussion Daria Price: castanet. Gary Van Scyoc: bass, trumpet Adam Ippolito: piano, organ, harmonium, trumpet Wayne Gabriel: guitar Joel Nohnn (John Lennon): guitar and background vocals Produced by Yoko Ono and John Lennon Arrangement: Yoko Ono String orchestration: Ron Frangipane

Reissued by Rykodisc in 1997 with the bonus tracks

Dogtown (previously unreleased version) Yoko Ono: vocal. John Lennon: acoustic guitar. Recorded on cassette, Bank Street period.

She Gets Down On Her Knees (previously unreleased version) Yoko Ono: vocal and piano. Recorded on cassette, 1974.

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Approximately Infinite Universe

© Sari Gurney
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