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Dear Friends,

Thank you so very much for your great birthday messages. I was very touched. It's nice to know that I have friends in that corner of the world, too! I know you are not all from Finland, but your messages reminded me of when I was in Helsinki, the water and the light there is so beautiful. Each time I think of it, it still elates me as if I were there now! They put up the WAR IS OVER banner both in English and in Finnish in Helsinki Train Station. This was 1991. I, also, went to Pori for my artshow. There is a thing the Pori Museum, (I think it's them) printed called BIRCH MONOLOGUE which was what I produced thinking of Finland.

Yes. Finland is cold, as they say, but I'm strong on cold weather. I miss the snow in Tokyo which I remember from my childhood. Now, because of the global warming or whatever, there is no snow in Tokyo...

Thank you again, for your messages of encouragement. Yes. I intend to stick around for some time!

Lots of love, yoko

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